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18 August 2009 @ 11:45 pm
I am finally putting this thing to use... I am so sorry to those who joined the comm only to be left waiting for nothing. Even if anyone is still waiting, this is still pretty much nothing as well... a nothing-update. I'm so rusty (as if I ever wasn't lol). In any case, 96 of these are only colored, and 35 have some extra stuff going on :-P meaning 96 are boring and 35 are chaotic. But here they are!

Fancy set:
21 F.T Island (3 Jonghun, 15 Hongki, 3 Jaejin)
3 Wonder Girls
3 Han Hyojoo
3 Kim Soeun
3 After School (Bekha)
2 Jessica Alba
As things remembered, as memories, let it all be erasedCollapse )

Simple set:
55 F.T Island
10 Wonder Girls
10 Han Hyojoo
5 Kim Soeun
13 After School (10 Bekah)
3 Jessica Alba
I think that is the only way I'll surviveCollapse )

Picture credits to official artist threads @ soompi.com/forums
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21 January 2008 @ 11:06 pm
I'll be using this community to post my graphics. Most of them will feature Korean celebrities. The rules are simple: credit either cinnarisk or glittermered, do not hotlink, do not modify any graphics or claim them as your own. Comments are not necessary, but being human I do enjoy feedback. I might friends lock this community eventually, but for now, all posts will remain public.

Fonts: dafont.com, pictures: soompi forums, naver image search, yahoo! korea image search, and as otherwise stated in entries, patterns and brushes: Adobe Photoshop 7.0, icon table: roseclear.net.